Equinox XXVII (2018): Shattered Veil @ Montgomery Bell State Park, Nashville [from 13 to 16 September]

Equinox XXVII (2018): Shattered Veil

13 - 16
10:00 - 02:00

 Facebook event page
Montgomery Bell State Park
1020 Jackson Hill Rd, Burns, Tennessee 37029
We are in Group Camp 1.

Pre-reg opens July 1st 2018.
Pre-rag closes August 24th 2018.

Troll Pricing (prices at gate):
$25 — ages 16+
$10- ages 10-15
Free ages 0-9
Day pass $10 — must be out of park by 7pm
Day pass with feast $15 — must be out of park after feast.

500 mile discount: $15 entry
Google maps must say you live a minimum of 500 miles away at the shortest route to qualify. Address used will be one on your drivers license
Event details as follows:
Equinox 2018: Shattered Veil

Strange phenomena have been taking place in Dur Demarion! Visions of other worlds; Echoes of past events; Specters of those no longer a part of our world. The veil between worlds is weakening! And when the veil breaks, which world will remain after all chaos breaks loose!

Friday: The first two battles will start at noon and be ran back to back. There will be breaks in between for water.

Investigation of omens: (Variant capture the flag battle)

The Shamans of both worlds have seen visions of a rift opening up into nothingness. A small force has passed through the veil. You must find proof that they are not of this world and return it to the shamans for future research.

Set up and rules:
Each team will have a flag behind their lines. The opposing team will attempt to capture this flag and return it to their respawn point. Unlike most capture the flag battles, you do not have to have control of your own flag in order to win. You just need to bring the proof back to your side. Both teams have infinite respawns. First team to three points wins.

Shattered veil: (Variant respawn battle)

The Veil has become increasingly unstable and now forces from both sides are able to move freely through the rift. Both sides must act quickly to stem the flow of reinforcements from the opposing side. Our shamans have blessed our banners so that they will disrupt the ability of the enemy to send in reinforcements. Be on the lookout for more rips appearing throughout the battle.

Set up and rules:
A wall of rope with a single open “door” with five more doors that can be opened. Three flags per side. Flag must be carried in 1 free hand and held aloft. Flag bearers may carry a weapon or shield in other hand. The win condition is to eliminate the entire opposing team. Infinite respawns but respawns for your team are turned off if someone from the opposing team is on your side of the veil with a flag. Respawns resume the moment a side of the veil is no longer contested (all flag bearers are dead). Flags must be carried for respawns to be turned off. If a flag bearer dies, they must drop the flag immediately. If a flag is dropped by accident then respawns are turned back on. Only a herald can return a fallen/dropped flag. As time goes on the veil gets weaker and more doors will open up (heralds discretion).

Saturday: These two battles will start at noon and be ran back to back. There will be breaks in between for water.

Siege: ballista battle

The veil has fallen. The worlds have merged into one. Full scale war has broken out. Both sides vie for siege superiority amid the chaos of the battlefield.

Set up and rules:
A long line of cones will be set up down the middle of the field. This represents trenchworks and picket lines. Each team has an archer (the ballista) that is immune to all damage and deals black damage with specifically marked (yellow) arrows. Heralds and ballistas are the only players that are allowed to pick up yellow arrows. The ballista can only move in territory that has been cleared by their team represented by a line of cones. The ballista is a siege weapon and therefore unable to run. To clear territories one person must stand on the cone and maintain a uninterrupted 100 count. Interruption occurs when the player clearing the territory is engaged in melee or hit with a ranged weapon. You may only claim one territory at a time. Any combat contact resets the count including arrows hitting the shield. The battle ends when one ballista shoots the other. First team to destroy the opposing ballista five times wins.

Final stand: Basic hold your position

The final battle between worlds is upon us and the battle lines have begun to blur. Both capitals are under heavy attack by a steady stream of invaders. Which castle can hold out the longest? Which race will be ground to dust?

Set up and rules:
A circle with three doors (entry points) with a fourth door as a “safety lane “ that extends to the edge of the world for dead to safely exit the circle. The circle is a hard edge representing the walls of your castle. You may only fight through the door ways. Missile weapons can not be fired through walls, only doorways. Attackers have infinite respawns and start outside of the circle. Defenders have no respawns and start inside the circle. The match ends when the last of the defenders are defeated. Time taken to defeat the defenders is recorded and then the teams switch. The team with the longest defense time wins the round. The first team to win three matches has successfully held out and wins.

Tournament Info: tournaments and times will be listed on the itinerary and on the information boards at the feast hall and in front of all bath houses.

——— VENDORS: ———
Screaching Eagle Garb & Goods sells affordable garb, feast ware, furs, goblets, leather books, and other miscellaneous goods. https://facebook.com/ScreachingEagle/

The LARP Faeries (previously known as The Crochet Fairy) carries unique LARP accessories, including crocheted amigurumi (plushies), hats, belt bags, and more. We also have sewn cowls, belt favors, ooak larp inspired dolls, and hand-embroidered patches.

Blue Wolf Tailor sells raw silk and wool garb and accessories, along with Viking bead strings.

Moonlight's Garden is a unique herbal and cultural boutique with a large selection of natural herbs, teas, essential oils, soaps, candles, clothing and collectibles. It has a little bit of everything from basic garb, feast ware, herbal concoctions, to jewelry and talismans, headdresses, statues, spell boxes, wands and weaponry, essential oils and more.

An All Spirtual Place sells tunics, rus pants, hakimas, kimono, kilts, sideless surcotes, pirate shirts, under dresses, tapestries, and backpacks. This shop will have their sewing machine and serger on site to alter garments. Hakimas and short kimonos will only be available in black.

Wetterworks Leather Shop sells all types of handmade leather products, including belts, pouches, and quivers.

Sable Swan Treasures specializes in unique jewelry and other bobbles to enhance your kit. Dice, dragons, feast gear, handmade jewelry and handcrafted miniature steel swords, as well as other treasures.

Hearthside Handmade supplies wildcrafted magickal tools and ethically sourced curios. Shop includes handcrafted jewelry, décor, and spiritual items.

Well of Life supplies Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO's) for physical and mental well being.

Chase the Myth makes leather goods, particuarly pouches and belts for the practical creature, using their own patterns in bright colors and various closures.

Sinister Moon provides graphics, window decals, etched glass, embroidery, and more! Embroidery and sewing machines will be on-site for custom orders at the event.

Bastard Forge and Curio brings a live forge to the event! Hosts classes throughout the weekend while supplying freshly forged items for sale such as knives, clock pins, dice, and coat hooks.

Therapeutic Leaf Concoctions partners garden and homeopathy. We both love mother earth and our fellow family members.

Forged Foam is a company making foam swords for medevial combat sports, as well as people just wanting to beat up their friends. The oldest Foam Smithy in Belegarth. Forged Foam is your one-stop shop for any LARP, combat sport, or cosplay needs you have!

Foametheus manufactures and sells high-quality padded weapons suitable for many foam fighting groups and martial arts. Additionally, we provide the same quality materials for enthusiasts who prefer to make their own equipment.

Heads or Tails is a LARP shope for the roleplayers and characters, providing wares such as leather tails and accessories.

Join us Thursday night 7pm to 11pm for Welcome Feast and pit fighting

Try your hand in the wheel of death tournament where fate will decide your weapons set.

Welcome feast served throughout the duration of the party:
Thursday night welcome feast is a Hot dog grill out with a toppings bar to deck out your dog however you see fit.

Presented by Squire Embara and Squire Tandaar.

Hot dogs

A limited number of vegetarian burgers will be available upon request

Chips will also be provided.

Welcome feast is first come first served once we’re out we’re out.

(Feast ware not provided)


Friday Feast presented by Squire Tandaar:

Salad — Romaine/Iceberg Mix, Onions, Carrots, Cucumber, Cheese
Fruit and Cheese Cubes
Vegan Chili
Beef Stew
Chicken Stew
Hawaiian Rolls

Saturday Feast presented by Squire Tandaar:

Salad — Romaine/Iceberg Mix, Onions, Carrots, Cucumber, Cheese
Fruit and Cheese Cubes
Stir Fry
White Rice
Onions and Mushrooms
Carrots, Daikon, Cabbage
Homemade Stir Fry Sauce

— Some things to remember: Cabins, Pets, Children, Fire, things the park doesn't allow etc:

If you're in a cabin you will need to bring a broom and sweep it and the porch out after the event. Swifter mops and pads are provided and your cabin will need to be mopped as well. All windows both inside and out will need relatched, trash in trash bags by the road, and mattresses up against the bunks. If you're in a 10 man with a fireplace and have a fire, the ashes will need to be cleaned out of that as well so bring a shovel and metal bucket. Leave the lights ON. You will do a walk through with an event coordinator before leaving the event.

Pets: are required to have been properly vetted against Rabies, parvovirus and distemper. Bring your pet's tags or vet bill to the event with you. Animals outside of their camps will need to be leashed. You are personally responsible for your pet and the waiver does not protect you from liability if your pet does something it shouldn't. Please pick up dog feces and dispose of it properly.

Young children should be within their parent's sight at all times. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children no matter who may be watching them for you. After dark, all children must be in their camps and/or with their parents.

Speed limit in the group camp is 5mph. This is strictly enforced for the safety of all participants.

Cigarettes: all butts should be placed in proper containers. Any thrown on the ground have to be picked up by volunteers at the end of the event and it's disgusting.

Electricity: the cabins at Montgomery Bell are historic and so is the electricity. You cannot run a hair dryer and a space heater at the same time or you will blow a fuse.

Bugs: cabins are in the woods and should be regarded as such. Bugs, bats, and animals sometimes make their way in. Please let an event coordinator know if you have a problem so we can have a ranger safely remove the animal. Bats living in the rafters of porches are common and will not be removed. If you really hate bugs, bringing a bug bomb is not a bad idea. Bomb your cabin before putting your items inside of it and follow all safety instructions. Most common bugs found in cabins are wolf spiders which are not poisonous.
Remember you are in Tennessee. Wear tick repellent on and off the field.

Coming into camp after troll is closed: move the gate and come up to troll in the morning. All cars are marked as they come in so it is obvious who has paid and who has not.

Parking up against the feast hall is prohibited unless you are an event coordinator or Lady Feri.

You may Park on grass if necessary

Wood: outside wood is not allowed to be brought into Tennessee state parks. Pick up deadwood in the forest for your fires. There is plenty. All wood not used after the event must be «returned to nature» aka thrown back into the woods. Wood is not allowed to be stacked against cabins because of termite risk.

Fires: are allowed in designated fire pits only. Above ground fire pits are allowed but you will be subject to a $100 fine if you leave scorched earth underneath the fire pits. Please be mindful of this and move your pit frequently. Digging out fire pits is not allowed.

Bathhouses: toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap are supplied by the realm. If you see that something is low or out or there is a problem with a toilet etc, please notify troll and they will fix the problem immediately.

Feast Hall/refrigerator: If you have a special need to store something please let an event coordinator know.

Swimming is not allowed (park regulation)

Balloons are not allowed (park regulation, birds eat them and die)

Inclement Weather: event coordinators keep a close eye on weather developments. In the case of inclement weather such as a tornado warning please proceed to the feast hall for further instructions from event coordinators.

Tokens: please keep them on you at all times. If you find a lost token or you lose yours please proceed to troll.

Allergic Reactions/diabetes etc: If you have an Epi Pen or are diabetic please tell someone who will be with you frequently where you keep your emergency items. We cannot help you if you're stung by a bee and nobody knows where your Epi Pen is. Putting this info on your waiver is also a good idea:
Example: Allergic to bees. Epi Pen in front left pouch of brown and green bag in cabin 3.
Example: Type 2 Diabetic. Glucometer and supplies inside black suitcase with yellow tag in Horde Camp, blue and green 4 man tent.

If you are bringing your minor child to the event and will be with them the entire time all you need to do is sign a minor waiver for your child.


IF you are under 18 and your parent or legal guardian will not be with you the entire time you are at the event, you will be REQUIRED to present the following items in order to get into Beltane.
-You will need a chaperone who is over 21 to be with you at the gate.
-You will need a notarized Beltane 2018 minor waiver signed by your parents.
-You will need a notarized letter from you parent stating the following: the name of the event, your name, the name of your chaperone, your parents signature.
Beltane minor waivers can be found at https://facebook.com/groups/durdemarion/files/
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